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Policies & Delegations

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Topic Index - Policies, Procedures, Delegations, and Guidelines

 Administration & Operations »
  Awards, Gifts & Rewards to Individuals
  Campus Operations
  Conflict of Interest or Commitment
  Death Response & Reporting
  Event Planning
  Facilities, Real Property Use & Mgmt
  Fundraising, Alumni & Support Groups
  Legal Processes
  Naming & Trademarks
  Whistleblower Reports

 Business & Finance »
  Campus Services
  Independent Contractors & Consultants
  Insurance & Risk Mgmt
  Purchasing & Inventory
  Records Access & Mgmt

 Healthcare »
  Industry Activities
  Patient Care
  Records, Privacy & HIPAA

 Human Resources »
  Absences, Holidays & Leave
  Benefits & Compensation
  Complaints, Grievances & Dispute Resolution
  Disabled Employees
  Discipline, Separation & Reduced Time
  Discrimination, Sexual Harassment & Whistleblower Retaliation
  Employee Records & Data
  Employment, Recruitment, Hiring & Promotion
  Reviews & Evaluations

 Information Technology »
  Acceptable Use & Copyright Infringement
  Domain Names
  Electronic Data Protection & Mgmt
 Research & Academic Affairs »
  Contracts & Grants
  Copyright & Patent
  Curriculum & Degrees
  Faculty Affairs
  Financial Interests
  Laboratory Safety

 Student Affairs »
  Activities & Organizations
  Disabled Students
  Enrollment, Academic Probation & Dismissal
  Fees & Financial Aid
  Student Conduct
  Student Records

Manuals, Publications & Resources

 UCLA Policies
  Administrative Policies & Procedures
  Delegations of Authority
  Export Control Regulations
  Financial Policy
  Personnel Policy Procedures for Non-Represented Staff Members
  Student Conduct Code
  The UCLA Call
 UC Policies
  Academic Personnel Manual (APM)
  Academic Senate Bylaws
  Accounting Manual
  Business & Finance Bulletins
  Contract & Grant Manual
  Delegations of Authority
  Facilities Manual
  Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM)
  Policy on Sustainable Practices
  more »
 Other Policy Sites & Resources
  State of California Law/Codes
  UCLA Administrative Policies & Compliance Office Resources
  UCLA Administrative Responsibilities Handbook
  UCLA Crime Data and Crime Prevention Information
  UCLA Employee Safety Handbook
  UC Faculty Handbook & Resource Guide
  UCLA Labor Contracts
  UCLA Travel Center Policies & Resources
  U.S. Office of Mgmt & Budget (OMB) Circulars

This site links to key campus and systemwide policies, procedures, guidelines, and delegations of authority. Its content is maintained by the UCLA Administrative Policies & Compliance Office.