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Student Affairs
  Activities & Organizations
  Disabled Students
  Enrollment, Academic Probation & Dismissal
  Fees & Financial Aid
  Student Conduct
  Student Records

 GeneralBack to Top 
   UCLA Student Organizations, Leadership & Engagement - Policies
   UCLA Graduate Division - Graduate Student Rights & Responsibilities
 Activities & OrganizationsBack to Top 
  UC Policies Applying to Campus Activities, Organizations & Students (PACAOS)
  UCLA Regulations on Activities, Registered Campus Organizations, and Use of Properties
 AdmissionsBack to Top 
  UC Regents Policy 2202 Barring Development Considerations from Influencing Admissions Decisions
  Graduate Admissions Procedures
  Undergraduate Admissions - Freshman Admissions Policy; Transfer Admissions Policy
  Vaccination Requirements - UC Immunization Policy UC-HS-17-0320
 Disabled StudentsBack to Top 
  Chancellor's ADA & 504 Compliance Office Web site
  Non-discrimination - UC Policy on Non-Discrimination 20.00
  UCLA Office for Students with Disabilities Student Handbook
 Enrollment, Academic Probation & DismissalBack to Top 
  Academic Probation & Dismissal - College Academic Counseling Academic Regulations
  Enrollment Procedures & Priority Enrollment Eligibility
 Fees & Financial AidBack to Top 
  Eligibility - Satisfactory Academic Progress
  Financial Aid Options - UCLA Financial Aid Office Listing of Financial Aid Forms & Publications
  Loans - UC Policy on Education Loan Practices
  Student Fees - Academic Planning & Budget Student User Fee Policy
 Grievances Back to Top 
  Debt Grievances - UCLA Procedure 210.1
  Discrimination - UCLA Procedure 230.1
  Sexual Harassment, Reporting of - UCLA Sexual Harassment Prevention Office Web Site
  Student Records, Challenging the Content of - UCLA Procedure 220.1
 Housing Back to Top 
  Move-In Days - UC Policy Addressing Religious Holiday Conflicts with Move-In Days
  On-Campus Housing - UC Residence Policy and Guidelines; UCLA On-Campus Housing Regulations; UCLA Office of Residential Life Rules for Residents
  University-owned Apartments - Student Resident Handbook
 Student ConductBack to Top 
  UCLA Student Conduct Code
  Alcohol - UCLA Student Alcohol Policies
  Copyright - Ownership; Use of Copyrighted Materials
  Recreation Participant Expectations
  Sexual Violence Prevention & Response
  Students in Crisis/At Risk - Faculty & Staff 911 Guide for Students; UCLA Consultation & Response Team
  Substance Abuse - Chancellor's Message
 Student RecordsBack to Top 
  Disclosing Student Records Information - UC Policies 130.00-134.00; UCLA Policy 220

This site links to key campus and systemwide policies, procedures, guidelines, and delegations of authority. Its content is maintained by the UCLA Administrative Policies & Compliance Office.