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Research & Academic Affairs
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  Curriculum & Degrees
  Faculty Affairs
  Financial Interests
  Laboratory Safety

 GeneralBack to Top 
  UCLA Delegations of Authority - Research & Academics
 Contracts & GrantsBack to Top 
  UC Contract & Grant Manual
  Authority to Solicit, Accept & Execute - UC DA 2036 & Related UCLA DAs; UC DA 2100 & Related UCLA DAs; UCLA DA 201.04
  Expenditures/Commitments - UCLA Policy 920; UC DA 0666 & Related UCLA DAs
  Federal Demonstration Project (FDP) Requirements - UCLA Procedure 910.2
  Principal Investigator Eligibility - UCLA Policy 900
  Sponsored Projects, Management of - UCLA Policy 910
  Submission & Approval - UCLA Procedure 910.1
  Support from Non-governmental Organizations - UCLA Policy 921
  Unexpended Balances, Disposition of - UCLA Policy 913
 Copyright & PatentBack to Top 
  Authority to Execute Copyright Agreements - UC Copyright Policy & Related UCLA DAs
  Copyright - Ownership; Use of Copyrighted Materials
  Equity - UC Business & Finance Bulletin G-44
  Net License Income, Distribution of the Research Allocation Portion of - UCLA Procedure 950.2
  Recordings - UC Policy on Use of Recordings of Course Presentations
  Reproduction of Materials - UC Policy on Reproduction of Copyrighted Materials for Teaching and Research
  UCLA LibraryCopyright Policies
  UC Patent Policy
  UC Patent Program - UC Business & Finance Bulletin G-40
 Curriculum & Degrees Back to Top 
  UCLA College - Academic Regulations
  UCLA Graduate Division - Standards & Procedures for Graduate Study at UCLA
 Faculty AffairsBack to Top 
  UC Academic Personnel Manual
  UC Faculty Handbook
  The UCLA Call - A Summary of UCLA Academic Personnel Policies & Procedures
  Academic Freedom - UC Academic Personnel Manual APM-010
  Academic Senate - UC Academic Senate Bylaws & Regulations; UCLA Academic Senate Bylaws
  Conduct & Discipline - UC Academic Personnel Manual APM-015 & APM-016
  Consensual Relationships Between Faculty and Students - UC Academic Personnel Manual APM-015 section II.A.
  Consulting Activities & Agreements - UCLA Executive Vice Chancellor's Faculty Consulting Activities & Agreements Guide
  Endowed Chairs - UC Academic Personnel Manual APM-191
  Emeritus Titles - UC Academic Personnel Manual APM-120
  Tenure - UC Academic Personnel Manual APM-130
  The Teacher's Guide (published by the Office of Instructional Development)
 Financial InterestsBack to Top 
  Conflicts of Interest - UCLA Policy 925; UC Academic Personnel Manual APM-028
  Disclosing Financial Interests in Research - UCLA Procedure 925.2; UCLA Procedure 925.3
  Disclosing Financial Interests in Gifts from Non-Government Entities - UCLA Procedure 925.1
  PHS Regulations on Objectivity in Research - UCLA Policy 926
 InstructionBack to Top 
  Course Material Ownership & Fees - UC Policy on Ownership of Course Materials; UCLA Course Materials Fees
  Course & Program Approvals - UC Policy on Self-Supporting Part-Time Graduate Professional Degree Programs
  Creative Work Submitted by Students, Ownership of - UCLA Policy 965
  General Assignment Classroom Scheduling - UCLA Policy 870
  Recordings of Lectures - UC 2005 Policy on Use of Recordings of Course Presentations
  Reproduction of Materials - UC Policy on Reproduction of Copyrighted Materials for Teaching and Research
 Laboratory SafetyBack to Top 
  Environmental Health & Safety - UCLA Policy 811
  Laboratory Safety Compliance Procedure
  UCLA Laboratory Safety Committee website
  UCLA Laboratory Safety Manual
 ResearchBack to Top 
  UC Policies & Guidelines Pertaining to Research
  Affiliation Agreements - UCLA Policy 970; UC DA 0916 & Related UCLA DAs
  Animals - UCLA Policy 990
  Clinical Trials and Clinical Research Studies Coverage Analysis - UCLA Policy 915
  Conflict of Interest - UCLA Policy 925; UCLA Procedure 925.1; UCLA Procedure 925.2; UCLA Procedure 925.3
  Costing - Extramural Fund Management's Costing Policy
  Expenditures - UCLA Policy 913; UCLA Policy 920
  Extramural Fund Management - List of Policies & Procedures
  Health Information Privacy, Protection of - Research Guidance on HIPAA
  Human Remains - UC Policy & Procedures on Curation & Repatriation of Human Remains & Cultural Items
  Human Research Subjects - UCLA Policy 991; OHRPP Policy: Noncompliance and Allegations of Noncompliance Regarding the Conduct of Human Subjects Research
  Integrity in Research - UC Memo Operating Guidance No. 90-1, Supplement #1
  International & Exchange Agreements - UCLA Policy 980; UCLA DA 224.01; UCLA International Institute List of Agreements
  License Income Distribution - UCLA Procedure 950.2
  Principal Investigator Eligibility - UCLA Policy 900
  Recombinant DNA Molecules - UCLA Policy 992
  Research Misconduct - UCLA Policy 993
  Safety - Laboratory Safety & Protective Equipment UCLA Policy 905; Safe Handling of Particularly Hazardous Substances UCLA Policy 907
  Sponsored Project Submission, Approval, and Management - UCLA Policy 910; UCLA Procedure 910.1; UCLA Procedure 910.2; UCLA Policy 921

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